Philippe Bucher

Philippe Bucher is an accomplished french architect and a Fine Art Architectural photographer.

He was born in East of France, and then studied at the famous « Ecole Boulle » in Paris.

Architecture for him is a way of living, even more than a profession. Being an architect and an architectural photographer at the same time gives him the possibility to spend plenty of time close to architectural subjects, either as a subject for design or as a photography subject and explore them from many points of view.

His first architectural voyage was in San Fransisco in 1979, and he didn’t stop to shoot since this period. His many trips to Japan, England, the United States, South Africa etc… give him a broader view of the world.

In 2017, during the Miami Art Basel week, he walked the streets of Miami to capture a tiny part of the city’s architectural heritage. He started again in early 2019 while his works were on display at Art Wynwwod.

December 2019,  his works was presented at Context Art Miami, and, as usual, he took the opportunity to continue to make phoyographies of what characterise Miami.