Pascaline Sauzay

Lives and works in Paris.
Graduated in graphic design, she worked as artistic director in large Parisian advertising and visual identity agencies, then continued her activity on her own between Paris and the countryside after meeting her winegrower husband.
The fields of graphic design, high-end packaging and decoration have allowed him to deepen his passion for colors, materials, shapes and compositions.
In recent years, she has devoted herself fully to her image work through different mediums. She creates small-format collages, samples taken mainly from decoration magazines. Assembled in a free and intuitive way, it creates a fictional, poetic universe where the perspective is thwarted, plunging the viewer into a dreamlike space.
His experimentation led him to discover a more physical relationship with the large format,
the sensuality of the material, the harmonic and vibratory play between the colors being predominant in his work.
Having rediscovered the work of minimalists and post-minimalists, Ellsworth Kelly, Soll Lewitt, Sean Scully …
She explores the volume by cutting out shapes in the medium which then become « objects » where a dialogue is established between the form and the background.